Uncontested Divorce Attorney in Roswell & Alpharetta

An uncontested divorce might be the easiest way to separate the lives of two people who have decided it best to no longer remain married.

In order to achieve an uncontested divorce, both sides must agree to all of the necessary terms of the divorce settlement.

In this case, the court will not have to decide on things like:

  • alimony
  • child custody
  • property division

because the two individuals have made an agreement on their own.

Despite the seemingly simply process of an uncontested divorce, you would still be wise to retain legal council as you go through the process.

For one thing, your now ex-spouse will be looking out only for their best interests, and you should be doing the same.

Agreeing to things like child support payments is dangerous without at least talking to a family law attorney. Elyssa Williams would be able to direct you on what the framework of a fair settlement would look like so you don’t end up giving away far more than is necessary.

Among the other reasons you should use an attorney that is experienced in Georgia law are the following:

  • Properly drafted paperwork that will be accepted by the courts
  • Ensuring all different issues are resolved and agreed to before the divorce settlement is filed
  • Protect yourself in case the negotiations fall apart and the divorce proceeding has to go to court for arguments

It is simply too risky to enter into even an uncontested divorce without proper legal counsel.

A quick call to the office of Elyssa Williams today will get you a free consultation and the opportunity to get started on bringing this difficult chapter in your life to a close.