Temporary Custody Attorney in Roswell & Alpharetta

Permanent custody of children is a very serious decision made after all parties involved make their arguments.

However, there is not always enough time to allow that process to play out before awarding custody.

In a situation where time is of the essence, the court may be inclined to award temporary custody of the children to a particular party while the legal process for permanent custody plays itself out.

Often, the filing for an order of temporary custody is necessitated by a concern for the safety of the children.

If a family member or close friend feels that a child is in imminent danger due to their living situation, temporary custody may get the child to a safer place until a full review can be completed.

A good example of this kind of situation is when a parent (or both parents) has a drug or alcohol problem. In this case, a grandparent might file for temporary custody to get the child out of a possibly dangerous situation.

With the child safe, the legal system can run its course and make a determination as to the long term custody of the child.

In these kids of cases, acting quickly is always of the utmost importance. Call the office of Elyssa Williams today if you are seeking to gain temporary custody of a child that you feel to be in danger.

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