Spousal Support Attorney in Roswell & Alpharetta

Spousal support payments, often referred to as alimony, are payments made from one spouse to another after a divorce or legal separation has taken place.

These payments are designed to allow each party to maintain a lifestyle similar to what they enjoyed prior to splitting up.

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The ruling on spousal support is based on a number of different factors. Spousal support is typically only awarded in a relationship where one of the two parties was responsible for earning the majority of money for a couple.

A judge will look at the following criteria to determine if and how much support is appropriate in a given case:

  • Ability of both parties to earn a livable wage
  • Lifestyle of the couple before the divorce or separation
  • Factors affecting future earnings potential of both parties
  • Living arrangements of both parties after they have separated

The sole goal behind spousal support is to allow both individuals to live as close to the way they did before as possible.

Sometimes spousal support is only temporary while one spouse finds employment and gets ‘on their feet.’ Other times the support payments are permanent as it is decided that one spouse will never be fully self-supportive.

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