Postnuptial Agreement Attorney in Roswell & Alpharetta

While a postnuptial agreement is not as common as a prenuptial agreement, the idea behind it is the same.

Also called a post-marriage contract, a postnuptial can protect the financial interests of both spouses and make the process of divorce much easier.

Elyssa Williams can advise you on the proper way to go about creating a postnuptial and will ensure everything is done properly according to Georgia law.

It is important to understand that signing a postnuptial does not mean your marriage is headed for divorce.

There are many legitimate reasons that a postnuptial could be put in place even in the healthiest of marriages. For example, the following reasons could encourage a happy couple to draft a postnuptial.

  • Large inheritance that is intended to remain only on one side of the family
  • Business owner who wants to keep their spouse and personal finances separate from those of the business
  • Remove the strain of money on the relationship. If a postnuptial is in place and the couple keeps separate finances, they may be able to argue less about money

Trying to draw up a postnuptial agreement on your own is a bad idea. There is a good chance it will not be legally admissible if it should ever need to be enacted, and you would be right back where you started.

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