Legal Separation Attorney in Roswell & Alpharetta

A legal separation of a married couple is sometimes the first step toward a divorce.

The couple will be able to separate their lives for a period of time and determine if they are going to work toward rehabilitating their marriage or if a divorce is the inevitable outcome.

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There are many advantages to seeking a legal separation. For one, it is not as final as a divorce, so you don’t have to be committed to ending your marriage right away.

This option gives both individuals some time to think about the marriage and come to a clear decision as to what the future would hold.

The benefits of a legal separation are both financial and family related. They include:

  • Clear dividing of assets for use during the separation
  • Living arrangements and related expenses
  • Child custody and visitation plan
  • Child support payments

A legal separation looks a lot like divorce without the finality of the paperwork. A legal separation is often easier to settle because it is not permanent as is a divorce settlement.

If the parties decide to get divorced after a period of time, the divorce settlement will be worked out at that time.

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