Domestic Violence Attorney in Roswell & Alpharetta

The act of domestic violence is viewed harshly under the laws of the state of Georgia.

Domestic violence is the commission of a violent crime such as assault or battery against a person with whom you have a domestic relationship.

This does not only include a romantic relationship such as a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend, but also roommates, parents, children, etc.

Because of the personal nature of these crimes, the punishments are more harsh than they would be for similar crimes that are committed against strangers.

If you are being charged with domestic violence, it is vital that you defend yourself fully to avoid some of the serious penalties that could come your way.

Often, domestic violence cases come down to testimony of the parties involved. Rarely is there enough physical evidence to make a determination one way or the other, and since these crimes usually occur at home, there are frequently no witnesses.

Working with an experienced attorney that works in Georgia family law will help you in developing a logical defense that can prove your innocence.

There is often an assumption of guilt in domestic violence cases, especially when the accused is a male and the victim is a female.

Elyssa Williams will help you to work against this assumption and get the case tried on the evidence alone. Call our office right away to start working on your case and receive a free consultation.

You have rights in this situation – and we will work with you to defend them.