Dad’s Rights Attorney in Roswell & Alpharetta

While a divorce proceeding should treat both sides with equal rights and respect, unfortunately dad’s rights are sometimes lost in the shuffle.

If you are a dad going through a divorce and want to make sure that you are treated fairly, work with a qualified Georgia family law attorney like Elyssa Williams.

There are many different judgments that have to be made in divorce and other family law cases. Because of the natural connection between mother and child, and the fact that men are often the money-earner in the relationship when mom stays home with the kids, often dad’s are treated unfairly in custody decisions.

Also, child support and alimony payments can result in a burden on the dad’s life if the hearing isn’t well-argued.

Here are the Top 8  Things Men should know about Georgia divorce:

  1. A bad economy is often the best time to divorce.
  2. Fathers don’t have to settle for weekend visitation. Dads can get primary or full custody of their children, or a shared 50/50 arrangement.
  3. Men don’t always have to pay alimony. In fact, the past several years have seen a trend of men paying less than ever, and for fewer years.
  4. Your wife is not entitled to share in your separate property, which is property that you owned before the marriage, or received by gift or inheritance.
  5. Having an affair may have surprisingly little impact on your divorce if you are the money earner.
  6. It can be a big mistake to move out of the marital home voluntarily or too soon. Speak to a lawyer so you know what to do.
  7. Filing the papers first is not necessarily an advantage. If you are served with divorce papers, contact a divorce attorney right away.
  8. The best time to consult with a men’s rights attorney is as soon as you suspect that a divorce or separation may be in your future. Being emotionally and financially prepared before any papers are filed can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

Don’t allow yourself to be portrayed as the bad guy in your divorce hearing.

Get an experienced Georgia lawyer on your side and stand up for yourself all throughout the process. By calling our office today you will be given a free consultation into the specifics of your case. We look forward to standing up for your rights.