Custody Attorney in Roswell & Alpharetta

When multiple parties desire to have custody of a child for various reasons, a custody hearing may be required to settle the matter.

Custody hearings can involve other parties who feel they could better care for a child than the parent or parents that are currently in custody.

If you are arguing in court for your right to custody you will want to retain qualified representation for your case. Call the office of Elyssa Williams today to discuss your situation and review what options you have.

Some of the scenarios that could create the need for a custody hearing include:

  • Parents that are divorcing
  • Parents that were never married and do not live together
  • Relatives seeking custody of a child because they are concerned for the welfare of the child while under custody of biological parents (parents with drug problems, for example)
  • Friends or relatives seeking legal custody because parents do not have financial resources to support child properly

Whatever the cause of a custody hearing, the stakes couldn’t be higher. To make proper legal arguments in your favor you need to working with an attorney that is experienced in Georgia family law.

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