Custody Modification Attorney in Roswell & Alpharetta

Custody arrangements are decided based on what is best for the child at the time of the hearing.

Those decisions do not have to be permanent and can be adjusted as the living situation of all involved parties begins to change.

If you feel like a custody decision that affects your life is no longer fair, you can file for a custody modification hearing in order to present your arguments.

Elyssa Williams is experienced with these kinds of hearings in Georgia courts and will be proud to take up your case.

Most often, a custody modification will be filed by one parent who is not satisfied with the amount of time they are allowed to have with their child. Perhaps they only have visitation rights and they would like to obtain shared custody.

If there was a reason for the custody decision that has since changed, that parent may be able to successfully file for modification.

For example, one parent could have had drug problems that led to the end of a marriage. This case would certainly result in the other parent being awarded full custody of the children.

If the parent that had drug problems has since gotten clean and can prove that in court, they may be able to improve their standing in the custody arrangement.

Before going to court for a custody hearing, you would be wise to get legal representation.

Whether you are trying to get more time with your child, or stop the other parent from getting more custody, you will need to craft intelligent arguments in support of your position.

Working with the law office of Elyssa Williams is a great step toward protecting your interests. We look forward to hearing from you soon.