Child Support Attorney in Roswell & Alpharetta

In a situation where a divorcing couple has children to support, or when two people have a child and are not married nor living together, child support will likely be required.

The parent who does not have main custody of the child will be expected to pay a predetermined amount of support to the other parent each month.

If you are preparing for a child support hearing, consult a qualified family law attorney to ensure your interests are protected throughout the process.

The court will consider many different factors when settling on an amount for child support payments.

While there is a rough guideline for what those payments will be, each case is unique and can hinge on the following factors.

  • Income of the parent that will be paying support
  • Ability of custodial parent to earn a living
  • Need for child care to be paid for by custodial parent
  • Health or other factors that will affect the cost of raising the child

Because each case is subjective on the part of the court, having legal council is essential in making sure your rights are considered. Having a child support payment that is either too expensive for your income, or not enough to help you support the child, can create a major hardship.

By calling our office today, you can receive a free consultation and get started working on your arguments for the child support hearing. Elyssa Williams is experienced in Georgia courtrooms and will be proud to stand up for you in this process.

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