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How to Prepare for a Deposition

Posted on : May 16, 2014

If you’re dealing with a child custody case, you may be asked to undergo a deposition. And if you’re like many people, you probably have a lot of questions about what a deposition is and what to expect. Simply put, a deposition is your testimony under oath. Depositions do not take place in the courtroom, and are usually conducted by the opposing party’s attorney. The attorney will ask you questions and your answers to these questions are recorded. It’s important to prepare for your deposition as your testimony may be used against you in court. Read below to learn more about preparing for your deposition.

Be truthful. This may seem obvious but it bears repeating. Even though you are not in a courtroom in front of a judge, your deposition is your testimony under oath. It is essential to be completely honest when providing answers.

Be concise. While it is important to answer truthfully, you do not need to volunteer any information. Remember that any information you provide may be used against you in court. If you are inconsistent in your answers or you change your story at a later date, the opposing side will point this out to the judge. Answer questions concisely, but do not provide additional information unless you are prompted to do so.

Take Your Time. Think carefully about your response before you answer any question. If the question was unclear, you should ask for clarification. If you don’t have the information requested, simply state that you don’t know or you don’t have the information.

Consult Your Attorney. The most important piece of advice is to consult with your family law attorney to discuss your deposition. Your attorney will have experience with deposition testimony and can help you prepare. If you’re nervous about the process or unsure about what to say, you and your attorney can review the facts of your case.

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