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5 Tips to Make Divorce Easier For Your Children

Posted on : April 20, 2015

Divorce can be a huge challenge for a married couple, and it is further complicated when there are children involved. If you have children with your spouse, you are likely concerned with ensuring that the impact on them is minimal. Here are five simple tips to make divorce easier for your children.

1. Communicate With Your Kids

While your first instinct may be to hide your divorce from your children, know that kids are very resilient and can handle much more than you may think. That’s not to say that you should lay it all out for your children to sift through. Instead, communicate openly with your children about what is happening. Helping them understand the divorce process and your reasoning behind it (in a child-appropriate way) can be more effective than hiding the divorce from your kids and hoping for the best.

2. Avoid Talking Badly About Your Spouse Around Them

You may not want to be with your spouse anymore, but they are still your child’s parent. Bad-mouthing your spouse around your kids can be very hurtful for the children, and they may feel torn, like they need to make a choice of whose “side” to be on. Stay positive about your spouse in front of your kids, and find another outlet, like friends or family members, to help you air the dirty laundry.

3. Remind Your Children Often That Both Their Parents Love Them

It is critical during divorce and child custody proceedings that your children understand that they are loved by both you and your spouse, and that the divorce has nothing to do with them. Remind them often that they are truly cared for by each of you, and that their needs matter to both parents.

4. Make Sure Your Child Maintains a Meaningful Relationship With Both Parents

Georgia courts recognize that maintaining a meaningful relationship with both parents whenever possible is critical for the healthy emotional development of a child. Unless your child is in real danger when engaging with your spouse, do whatever you can to foster a positive relationship between your child and their other parent.

5. Consult with an Experienced Family Law Attorney

Divorce is a difficult process, even when children aren’t involved. Understanding what your legal options are and what the next step is can help you navigate through your divorce proceedings more easily, which translates into being able to effectively guide your children through the process as well.

Elyssa Williams is an experienced family law attorney who understands the impact that divorce can have on children. She is committed to helping you and your loved ones find a positive resolution during such a difficult time. Contact Attorney Williams today for a consultation to discuss your legal needs by calling (678) 613-5732.

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