Alimony Modification Attorney in Roswell & Alpharetta

Alimony payments are made from one spouse to another after a divorce is completed. These payments allow for both parties to continue living their separate lives at a similar level that they enjoyed before the divorce.

Since it is often the case that one spouse earns far more than the other, alimony allows the spouse with less (or no) income to maintain their quality of life.

Alimony payments may be temporary after a divorce, or permanent if it is judged that the other spouse will never be fully self-sufficient.

While alimony judgments are made at the time of the divorce, the circumstances of the two parties’ lives often change, allowing for the potential modification of the alimony payout amounts.

Either party can file for an alimony modification.

These filings usually come for one of two reasons:

  • Spouse paying alimony feels the payments are too high – If the spouse that is receiving money starts to earn their own income, the paying spouse may seek a modification to have the amount of the monthly payments reduced. This is a common filing that will allow the court to reexamine the situation and possibly make changes to the plan.
  • Spouse receiving alimony feels the payments are too little – If the spouse who is making payments sees a dramatic increase in their income, the other spouse may seek to receive more of that money. This is also common, and simply acts as a way to get the court to reanalyze the case and make sure the alimony payments reflect the current financial situation of both parties.

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